CHURCH MEMBERSHIP is not required for attendance or Communion. West Michigan Bible Doctrine Church never solicits membership. For membership information, contact any board member.

DVD’s and CD/Mp3’s containing lessons by our Pastor, R.B.Thieme, III, are available directly from Berachah Church. Order Forms and material is also available from our local church library of Videos, CD’s, DVD’s, and publications.
For those desiring DVDs, CD/Mp3’s, and/or publications of Robert B. Thieme, Jr, they are available from the R.B. THIEME, JR, BIBLE MINISTRIES. This is a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization incorporated and operating under the laws of the State of Texas and is a separate organization from Berachah Church. The purpose of this ministry is to make doctrinal Bible teaching by R.B. Thieme, Jr., available without charge or obligation. They have thousands of hours of lectures covering much of the Bible verse by verse and has published over forty books on subjects such as salvation, spirituality, the Christian life, the essence of God, biblical history, and prophecy.

The Word of God is free for all to hear.  All DVD’s, Mp3’s, books, and publications are free of charge, with free shipping from Houston.   All similar material in Allendale is free of charge as well.

The Bible Doctrine Church of West Michigan will never solicit for money.
Links to Berachah Church and to R.B. Thieme Bible Ministries are found at the bottom of the ABOUT page.