R.B.Thieme III, Pastor

The Bible Doctrine Church of West Michigan will be postponing our Sunday Morning services until further notice. We were notified by our alternate meeting location on Tuesday that we would not be able to
meet in the conference room we used on March 15th due to precautions they are taking to mitigate the risk of COVID-19. Our normal meeting location in Allendale Public School is closed through April 5th. Understanding that as believers we are to obey those in authority over us, the direction that meetings where more than 10 people assemble should be postponed is prompting us to cancel services through that date. Obviously, if there are people that wish to gather with friends to worship in the Word, they are free to do so. We have the means as a grace oriented church to study the bible in our homes thanks to Berachah Church’s extensive DVD and publication ministries. Know that there are many lessons available to stream on line as well through their website. We will update this notice and activate the telephone call lists when we have clarity on when we can again assemble or there are
other pertinent changes. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or any board member. We appreciate your understanding in this adversity.
Phil Rewerts – 616-560-3592
President, Board of Deacons
Bible Doctrine Church of West Michigan



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