The Church was founded in 1973 under the laws of the State of Michigan as a nondenominational independent local church.

The purpose of this assembly is to enable the believer to fulfill God’s plan, will, and purpose for his life through the exegetical and expository teaching of Scripture and to evangelize the unbeliever. Salvation is the grace gift of God to man, received by personal faith alone in the Lord Jesus Christ alone (John 3: 16).

Our Pastor-Teacher via DVD is Robert Thieme, III. He is the pastor of Berachah Church in Houston, Texas. Extensive training in Greek, Hebrew, theology, history, and textual criticism became the foundation for a demanding professional life of studying and teaching of the Word of God. Pastor Thieme studies and teaches consistently from the original languages of Scripture in the light of the historical context in which the Bible was designed to communicate the truths of God’s Word. The unique focus of his ministry concentrates on the procedures for living the Christian way of life.

BIBLE TEACHING IS FREE TO ALL Our church never solicits contributions. When gratitude for the Word of God motivates a believer to give, he has the privilege of contributing to the church for the continued dissemination of Bible doctrine. Your privacy is paramount in all aspects of worship.

RESPECT FOR THE WORD OF GOD requires good manners and poise, along with objectivity and the filling of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, please avoid any talking and unnecessary movement that would distract serious students of the Word of God.

Berachah Church

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